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October 14, 2014

[Video] Fit or Fiction: Do itWorks Wraps Really Work?

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You have seen them all over instagram, and social media. Women (and some men) are wrapping for a thinner waist. But does it really work?

For this episode of Fit With Fallon I set out to find the answer. I sat down with itWorks representative LaDori McNeal to ask her exactly what the wrap is, how to use it, and how it works. As a personal trainer I am usually skeptical to any fitness fads or diet trends so I decided to put the wraps to the test and I tried it out for myself. I used 3 wraps over a 3 weeks span and what I found was truly a surprise.

Check out my interview, and results below;


FWF: It seems like every girl is wrapping! What is this application?

Ladori: It’s a cloth that has natural botanicals on it, and it helps to shrink your body fat. You can place it anywhere on your body, from the neck down. About 90% percent of the people that use the ultimate body wraps for the first time will see results in the first 45 minutes.

FWF: Wow! So what’s the difference between wrapping and waist training? Where (corset waist training) actually does have benefits, but there’s also some dangers. You can hurt your organs, your pushing in your ribs and it doesn’t look safe. Is this safe, and whats the difference (between the two)? Are their any dangers?

Ladori: There are no dangers, the only thing we suggest is that you wait 3 days before using your next application. When you do ultimate body wraps, what your doing is shrinking the bodyfat on any area it doesn’t have to be just your waist. On your thighs, your butt, some women even use it on their boobs to make them more perky! It’s endless.

FWF: If you do do things like this don’t let this be the one all, end all, be all. Make sure you are taking care of your body by working out and eating clean. This (product) can help results happen faster, but I wouldn’t rely on this alone.

Ladori: I like to wear this at night, because I can just put it on drink my water and go to sleep and in the morning when I wake up I am happier than ever because I see results while sleeping.


Ladori then showed me exactly how easy it is to put the application on. I chose to put it on my stomach, because

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