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Kendra Wilkinson Credits Atkins Diet With Helping Her Lose 40lbs


Recently having her second child, and dealing with the issues of her split with husband and x-football player Hank Baskett, Kendra turns to the gym for strength!

It hasn’t been the most easiest time in Kendra Wilkinson life, being a newly single mom of two. The media went crazy when the news hit that her and her husband have split. But from the looks of it Kendra seems to be holding up pretty well! She is excited telling OK! magazine “I’ve got my body back!”. She recently showed off her post-baby body in a OK! magazine issue explaining exactly how she lost the 40 pounds!

She credits daily workouts and an Atkins diet for helping go from 175lbs to 135lbs in less than 3 months after having baby Alijah Mary.

OK: How was losing the wieght after your second baby different?

Kendra: It was tough little Hank, because i just assumed I was going to bounce back to being skinny again. And then I realized I don’t have the body type for that. So when I was pregnant with Alijah, I researched a ton of diets – I’ve never been on a real diet before!- and found that Atkins would be the best for me and my lifestyle.

OK: Is it hard to stick with your diet?

Kendra: I actually couldnt be happier with Atkins, because you can still eat your favorite foods; it just limits your carbs and sugar. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate into your routine. When I have a burger night with Little Hank, I can just skip the bun.

OK: Any other weight-loss tips you can share?

Kendra: Keep moving. If you’re a football fan, Sundays are a great excuse to say “I’m gonna sit on the couch and drink beer all day” Don’t do it! You can do some lunges and crunches with the game on too.



Check out Kendra’s Daily Meal Plan to see exactly what she ate to shed the weight! Read more

[Video] Biggest Loser Recap: Ep. 6 “Tailgate Temptation”

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I loved this last episode of Biggest loser “Tailgate temptation” because it’s something that we all face. It may be easy to control yourself at home , but when you’rE at a football game tailgating, and there’s buffalo wings, nachos, pizza, hot dogs all staring you in the face, it’s hard to say no.

We see this happen to the contestants on episode 6 of Biggest Loser. Their challenge was to go into a tent for three minutes filled with all your favorite foods to try to get “immunity”, meaning they will have to eat the most calories in the short amount of allotted time and whoever wins, will be safe from being eliminated from that weeks weigh in.

Now, it has been 6 weeks of hard work and dedication for the contestants, and they have been seeing great progress with weight loss but are they willing to mess it up just to be saved from one weeks weigh in?

Rondalee decided she wasn’t even going to let the food tempt her, she spent her time in the tent burning calories instead of eating calories, doing burpees. Woody explained seeing the food was like muscle memory but he called it “food memory”, his desire to pig out suddenly came rushing back to him. But Toma was the one to win immunity by consuming the most calories,  852 calories to be exact in just 3 minutes.

Rob had a breakthrough with Dolvett, explaining he finally loves himself. While Gina admitted to Jesse she was srugggling with being away from her children. The biggest surprise of the show was seeing Mike get sent home from comeback canyon.

On our Afterbuzz recap show for this episode both Morgan, Ajay and I all talk about how weight issues, usually stem from emotional issues. People then turn to food to cope with it all. Hear what else we had to talk about by watching our entire recap below!


October 17, 2014

[Recipe] Buffalo Cauliflower

photo 2


This dish is a must try! & it’s perfect for a guilt free Monday night football.

I recently was at this restaurant called the Sixth in Calabasas, and glanced at the menu and saw buffalo cauliflower. I so wanted buffalo wings, but was trying to go easy on the calories. So I ordered it, and to my surprise it not only looked like buffalo wings, the taste was pretty close. The appetizer was suppose to be just for myself, but  as soon as people were asking me what it was, the entire table was joining in. Everyone had the same reaction as me “wow, these are really good”.



photo 1


The dish came along with celery and blue cheese (or you can ask for ranch) just like a normal buffalo wing plate would come with. I loved it so much I recently went back with another friend just so she could try. I was able to get the recipe so I can try it at home. I wanted to share the recipe with you all. Please do try, and let me know it is.

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 10.29.35 AM


Recipe From:



October 14, 2014

[Video] Fit or Fiction: Do itWorks Wraps Really Work?

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Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 3.12.01 PM

You have seen them all over instagram, and social media. Women (and some men) are wrapping for a thinner waist. But does it really work?

For this episode of Fit With Fallon I set out to find the answer. I sat down with itWorks representative LaDori McNeal to ask her exactly what the wrap is, how to use it, and how it works. As a personal trainer I am usually skeptical to any fitness fads or diet trends so I decided to put the wraps to the test and I tried it out for myself. I used 3 wraps over a 3 weeks span and what I found was truly a surprise.

Check out my interview, and results below;


FWF: It seems like every girl is wrapping! What is this application?

Ladori: It’s a cloth that has natural botanicals on it, and it helps to shrink your body fat. You can place it anywhere on your body, from the neck down. About 90% percent of the people that use the ultimate body wraps for the first time will see results in the first 45 minutes.

FWF: Wow! So what’s the difference between wrapping and waist training? Where (corset waist training) actually does have benefits, but there’s also some dangers. You can hurt your organs, your pushing in your ribs and it doesn’t look safe. Is this safe, and whats the difference (between the two)? Are their any dangers?

Ladori: There are no dangers, the only thing we suggest is that you wait 3 days before using your next application. When you do ultimate body wraps, what your doing is shrinking the bodyfat on any area it doesn’t have to be just your waist. On your thighs, your butt, some women even use it on their boobs to make them more perky! It’s endless.

FWF: If you do do things like this don’t let this be the one all, end all, be all. Make sure you are taking care of your body by working out and eating clean. This (product) can help results happen faster, but I wouldn’t rely on this alone.

Ladori: I like to wear this at night, because I can just put it on drink my water and go to sleep and in the morning when I wake up I am happier than ever because I see results while sleeping.


Ladori then showed me exactly how easy it is to put the application on. I chose to put it on my stomach, because

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[Recipe] Stuffed Baked Apples

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 2.06.39 PM

 I made Stuffed Baked Apples and they were mmm so good! 

Here is a recipe that will give you that home good feeling and warmth that is similar to your traditional apple pie without all the calories. I love this recipe for breakfast or even a good night snack. It’s great for eating alone or for a group of people.

Try out my healthy recipe below;

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Maria Menounos Covers Shape Magazine & Reveals She Is Ready For Kids!


E! Networks new it girl Maria Menouno’s has a body to die for. But it hasn’t always been that way. In this months Shape magazine Maria Menounos talks about her 40 lb weight loss (that’s right). You may not remember seeing her that way, but she sure does. While in college, she packed on more the the freshman 15 but since has lost the weight and kept it off for good.

She recently penned a health and fitness book called Every Girls Guide To Diet and Fitness which instantly became a New York Times Best seller. In this book she reveals her weight loss secrets, one of them she calls her ABM strategy, which stands for “Always be moving.” This fits too well into her on the go lifestyle. But for the days she can’t make it to the gym she makes sure to take the stairs!

There was one more secret Maria revealed, while sharing some healthy lifestyle tips she told Shape magazine to Be brave!


“For years I was terrified of having kids. I was afraid I’d love them so much, I’d stop working completely. That all changed after I took a seminar with [motivational speaker] Tony Robbins. ..I had a profound , hysterical crying moment where I realized I was going to miss out on this enormous amount of love,all because of fear. I am finally ready to have children. How about that?”


Check out some of her other tips for healthy living;

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October 10, 2014

[Video] The Biggest Loser Recap: Episodes 4 “The Lottery” & 5 “Sidelined”

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The challenges are getting tougher by the episode! This week on Biggest Loser season 16 episode 5, the contestants on the show are sidelined!

The redline is back as well, and whoever falls under the redline during the weigh in is immediately eliminated (so theres no voting elimination process, you don’t make the cut your going home!)

Now the sideline is all about the challnege, and whoever wins the challenge gets to choose one member from one team to sideline during the weigh in. This means that the person who is chosen to be sidelined will not be able to weigh in for the week which could be good or bad for their team depending on the player.

With a challenge that is literally making contestants pull their weight across a 600 foot long zipline that is 10 stories high, and an injury that could cost the blue team their fate, this is one episode you def want to talk about!

Check out my Afterbuzz TV Aftershow recap of this weeks Biggest Loser episode below to hear the complete breakdown;




Last  weeks episode “The Lottery” is really a gamble! One lucky (or not so lucky) person got to go home to be with his/her Read more

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