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Ruben Studdard Joins The Biggest Loser!

rubenThe world has always known American Idol’s Ruben Studdard as being a big man, with an even bigger voice, but Ruben is ready to change all that. He has officially decided to let the world watch him attempt to get the weight off and compete on NBC’s The Biggest Loser!

After having minimal success in 2006 with weight loss, in which he quit his workout and diet regime after losing just twelve pounds, he has decided to try again.

The first time Ruben tried to lose weight but decided the weight-loss plan was not for him, he made the decision to go vegetarian, which helped him lose seventy pounds.  Now even more motivated than ever with an audience watching, Studdard is going to try once again.  In October 2006, Studdard said,

“On both sides of my family, I have a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure and things of that nature. I just wanted to basically combat those issues at an early age. They’ve never been an issue for me, but I wanted to do it while I was still young, and felt like working out and looking great.”

Whatever the new reason is that made Ruben want to join The Biggest Loser, we will cheer him on starting October 8th on NBC!

Photo Credit: US Magazine/Celebuzz

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens Get Their Surf On!

Picture 24

This past week, actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene attended the Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event on the Indonesian Island of Keramas. The two got private surfing lessons from pro surfers Erica Hosseini and Sage Erickson. While getting their surf on, the two girls looked extremely in shape. Vanessa Hudgens told US Weekly how she keeps an amazing body:

“I try to shock the body as often as possible — I think that’s really important,” she said. “I do Soul Cycle constantly, do a lot of Pilates, a lot of yoga for the mind, dancing, kickboxing, hiking. . . anything and everything!”

The Oakley Bali Pro is a surf competition where surfers all over the world compete. This specific competition supports the Reef Check Foundation, which works with reef preservation all over the world.

Photo Credit: Getty

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Kesha Goes Undercover to Workout!


Crazy, fun, and spontaneous are a few words that people would use to describe singer and songwriter Kesha. But little do people know that Kesha is just your average girl trying to fit a workout in her schedule. As if jumping up and down on the stage every night is not enough, Kesha likes to get a run in here and there. She also likes to change things up a bit admitting to Self Magazine,

“I like to mix it up because I get bored easily. I bike, I swim and I love yoga. I also love rock climbing, which I’ve done since I was 16. It’s meditative and great for toning your arms and back.”

Take note people: switch things up in your daily workout and you will never get bored!

Being in the public eye usually means not being able to go out for a run in public places, but instead being enclosed into a gym. But Kesha being the superstar that she is finds a way to get some fresh air. In fact, she usually goes undercover and no one notices her! The twenty-six year old reveals,

“On tour, I usually get offstage around 11 P.M. with the most intense adrenaline rush, so I put my hood on-nobody ever recognizes me-hit the streets and run until I get exhausted. It’s nice to get to actually experience the world and exercise at the same time.”

So next time you are out and about at 11:00 PM, there might be a slight chance Kesha will be running right by you.

Photo Credit: Self Magazine

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Beyonce’s Tour Diet Revealed


FitPerez gives us the low down on what Mrs.Carter eats while she is taking over the country on tour. Check out what they reported on below;

Regardless of whether or not Beyonce is expecting baby number 2, there’s one thing we’re 100% sure about. She looks FABULOUS!

So how does the queen manage to always stay in tip-top shape with her super busy schedule?

Well, nobody would argue that Beyonce gets a HUGE workout every night she hits the stage, but she also makes sure she eats right too!

The Grown Woman singer recently gave fans a tiny peek at her menu while she’s on tour, and not only does the food sound healthy but it also looks DELICIOUS!

tour diet

Unfortunately we only get a small glimpse of her dinner, but we can see a little bit of the makings of sweet potato, chili and coconut soup! YUMMY!!!

We might have to get a little creative with the rest of the ingredients, but the fact that we have a chance to eat like the queen Bey herself is pretty awesome!

Via FitPerez

Save It For Sunday: 6 Celebs Who Love Their Cheat Days


Our friends over at Fitsugar really know how to pick out celebrities who have a sweet tooth. Check out which starlets love their cheat days

Celebs may be paid to look good, but sometimes a hefty paycheck isn’t enough when high-calorie temptations are around every corner. What can help? A day of indulgence can offer you something to look forward to every week and keeps you from feeling like you’re constantly depriving yourself. Think it’s for you? Learn how these superstar celebs use cheat days to help them stay on track!

Known for her action-star roles, Jessica always seems to be getting in shape for a new film — which, she says, can get old. After training for 2011’s Total Recall, Jessica said she had cheat days “once a week at least” when on her meal plan. “It’s the hardest experience, it really is, ’cause you’re eating a lot of boring stuff: chicken breasts and vegetables all the time. But it’s cakes and pastas and breads and sandwiches and croissants (you crave) all the time. That’s all you can think about . . . [so] you don’t crack just slightly, you crack bad. I was with my girlfriends, we were out in New York City for a night, it was the cheat day. I saw Dunkin’ Donuts. I said, ‘Pull the car over, pull over right now!’ We ran in, I got 24 donuts. We went to a pizza joint, and we got two large pizzas. I sat in the car and I put as much bread and dough in my mouth as I could possibly manage. It was the best moment,” she said on the Graham Norton Show.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s cheat day is well timed for weekend fun. “I start Friday night and I end Saturday night. But it is not so regimented. I’ll make lists of what I want to eat this week or next week,” she told InStyle. “I love sweets, like Viennese pastry, raw cookie dough, or a nice bowl of Lucky Charms with milk that I eat in bed watching SNL. That’s heaven right there!”


To stay in shape, Beyoncé pays attention to her diet — except on her cheat day. “I do have to work out and watch what I eat,” she told Elle. “I’m not someone who can go crazy. I’ll usually have cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a light dinner, and then on Sundays I’ll allow myself to have whatever I want.”

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