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February 21, 2016

US Weekly, In Touch Magazine, Telegram & Gazette Features

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I am excited to share that I have been featured in a couple of publications since the airing of my show “Fit To Fat To Fit” on A&E. It is kind of surreal and a little exciting/embarrassing to have my fit & fat photos on display for the world to see, but I worked my butt off going through this transformation so I just have to own it now that it’s on display right? Not only was the transformation itself physically challenging, but the rapid weight gain had such a toll on my my emotions and my health.

This month US weekly, In touch Magazine and People online featured and interviewed a few of us trainers from the show (including myself.) However the publication that really meant the most to me was being featured in my hometown newspaper  The Telegram & Gazette. I grew up in a city called Worcester (pronounced “wistah” ) Massachusetts. Everyday I remember reading that newspaper. Worcester is like a small town/city. Even though we heard the news around the world, if it made the T&G the whole city was talking about it.

I have now been living in LA for a little over four years and it has been challenging being so far (literally across the country) from family friends and the city that I love. So when I got the call that the city newspaper wanted to interview me, it made my feel very proud. I love LA but I am still a Worcester girl at heart. Once the article hit stands (and the internet) tons of high school friends and family members were tagging me on Facebook and excited that I landed a gig on national TV. There was one high school friend that said she was proud to see that I put “Worcester on the map”.

I feel like I have such a long way to go in my career and that this show is just the start of it all, but I feel so appreciative for my city to recognize me along with these other amazing publications.

Check out the different articles below;

US Weekly Magazine



In Touch Magazine



The Telegram & Gazette

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Read the full article from the T&G here

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