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Fit With Fallon: Mila J Talks Fitness, Beauty Secrets & Her Love For Ratchet Workout Music

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Mila Madness Weekend was in full effect, and I got to sit down with Mila J for an exclusive Fit With Fallon interview at the Reebok Lounge in Hollywood to talk beauty secrets, food faves, ratchet workout music, and I even broke a sweat working out with her and her “Mains”.

With a line up of events, Jahmila aka Mila J, started off her weekend performing at Cali Christmas for thousands of people. Still with a lot of  energy to spare, she was ready for her second event in which she worked out her fam, friends, and fans in LA at the Reebok crossfit lounge. Celebrity friends who were spotted at the event included NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and singers Jake and Papa.

There was a juice truck on deck, with free Reebok gifting for attendees, and a dj blasting Mila J’s hit songs like “my main.” Mila was ready with her trainer by her side to kick it.

Before we got the work out in, she kept it real with me when it came to how she always stays crop top ready, her secret to looking young, her favorite celebrity body and more. Check out the full interview below;





FWF: Tell us about this Mila Madness weekend that has everyone going crazy?

Mila J: First let me say I’m from LA, born and raised here. So I just wanted to get out and  have everyone come out and mingle with the people…Have everyone come out, and just have fun, and do fun stuff.

FWF: How do you always stay Crop top ready and keep your abs?

Mila J: Ok here’s one trick honestly, if you always wear a crop top it makes you kind of stay in shape right because your always showing it your going to think twice before your about to pig out, you get what Im saying. That actually helps. like ok wait a minute. Even tho I love food… love junk food, everything, Soda is my big thing too. I shouldn’t drink as much as I do, but I do. I just think it’s because I dance so much and those rehearsals are long, just helps me keep it off so to speak, but yeah I workout with my trainer, I shoot for 3 to 4 times a week.

FWF: For every good turn up, you gotta turn down. How do you detox, or recover from a hangover?

Mila J: It’s weird I actually just discovered I like whisky. But yeah, you gotta recover with a whole bunch of water and try to get some sleep but that rarely happens unless it’s a plane ride.

FWF: What’s your nutrition like when you’re on the road, being in the studio late, doing Cali Christmas, performing all over, what’s your go to food?

Mila J: I try not to eat a bunch of fried stuff. It try to do lower dairy cuz dairy you know keeps you all bloated and just uck. But I Love vegetables, luckily growing up my mom always made us eat vegetables ….so I actually eat salads because I actually like them not because I have to. I just really think it’s about balance. It’s not about not eating anything and only eating greens, no. I’ll indulge here and there.

FWF: What does your trainer have you do when he trains you. We know you like to dance. Plyometrics, working out?

Mila J: Ok I don’t know all the terms (laughs) but yes, he’s always trying to prep me for my live performance he knows I hate machines so he is always changing it up cuz he knows I get bored and my attention span is real… I don’t have one. He is always changing it up , too because your body gets use to the same exercises so he is always changing it up.

 FWF: So tell us about your Made In L.A. EP. What’s going to be the next single, where was it inspired from, and do you write your own music?

Mila J: Yes! I definitely (do), I co-wrote all the songs in Made In L.A., which is out now, yes on itunes. Pretty much, you know my name is Jamila, but my stage name is Mila J and I was born and raised in LA, so I just wanted to make that known, I am from here just repping for my city. The next single is Champion it’s a high energy record. Training for that was crazy I was working out for an hour in the morning then 8 hour rehearsals.

 FWF: So what’s in your workout playlist, what music do you listen to when you workout, other than your own?

Mila J: I definitely prefer ratchet, turn up.  I like music that doesn’t make you think.  Just something with a banging beat so of course hip hop.  Or I’m extreme it’s either that or actually I don’t like any. Cuz you know sometimes headphones, I don’t know I just like to be in that moment and hear my feet, and hear my heart beat. I don’t know, I’m extreme.

 FWF: So what’s some of your beauty secrets? You have been in the game for awhile now and you look flawless!

Mila J: Thank you so much, (I’m) blushing. Obviously being in this business you have to have make up on like a lot of the time, which I’m not that big of a fan because I like to let me skin breathe. But definitely using actually Olive oil to remove the make up the oil removes it really good and it replenishes the skin and makes it really soft. Do that before you wash your face to get most of it off and then wash your face, you’ll see a difference.  And juicing, I love to incorporate juicing.  not a meal replacement but in between. And when I tell you you’ll see a differene in like 5 days. People are just coming up to you like why does your skin look that? Juicing is really good.

 FWF: Who’s is you favorite celebrity body?

Mila J: I would have to say Halle Barre.  She’s toned, she’s  not too hard. She still looks feminine.




Check out the video from the event below;


Photo Credit: @vlexphotos

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