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[Video] Fit With Fallon: Train Like An Athlete @ Xplode

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For this episode of Fit with Fallon, I wanted to step up my fitness game and look, feel and train like an athlete. I knew the perfect place to do so, and that was Xplode training center in Chatsworth where real athletes train.

I met up with Troy Lewis, a trainer at Xplode who trains athletes both on the pro and amateur levels. He worked with me on agility, speed, strength, plyometrics and core training. We used equipment that is not neceissarily found in your typical gym, like the vertimax machine, battle ropes, plyo-mats, and a sandpit with a bungee cord.

Below I broke down my complete workout and described the benefits of each exercise for both the athlete and regular person. I can honestly say this was such an intense workout. I was able to push my body to limits I have never pushed myself before. The facility does have your normal machines and equipment as well like treadmills, barbells, and smith machines, but it was definitely nice to switch up and use equipment I wasn’t very familiar with.


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Dynamic Warm Up: I began with a dynamic warm up which you warm up the body with a series of exercises and stretches to help with range of motion and fire up the muscles to help increase your performance. You never want to stretch while your muscles are not warmed up, this could cause injury. My dynamic warm up consisted of a combination of light jogging, side shuffles, leg kickback stretches, planks and push ups.

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Vertimax Machine: Next I used a platform device that provides low impact plyometric jump training called the vertimax machine, it helps with leg strength and explosiveness. Troy had me do a combination of squat jumps with both the resistance cables hooked on to me, and without. I also did sets of single leg split jumps with a set of the bands on and then another set off.

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Box Jumps:  I worked on my vertical jump doing box jumps. I did 3 sets of 20 jumps on 3 different levels of mats. Jumping on a stack of mats is much safer than jumping on regular plyo-boxes that are not padded. I have seen a lot of shins split open due to accidents doing this exercise. It was nice not having to worry about getting injured while doing this exercise.

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Battle Ropes: Athletes use battle ropes for specific conditioning for the demands of their sport. The ropes ropes are weighted and can be used for a great cardiovascular workout as well. I did 3 sets of 1 minute exercises with the ropes. Starting off with waves, which Troy adjusted the length to add more resistance to make it harder for me. I also did crossovers (which is a side to side movement) working my hips and core. Battle ropes are overall a great workout for both the average person and athlete.

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Bungee Cord: My last exercise I did consisted of resistance running with the bungee cord in the sandpit. Athletes do this to target fast twitch muscles increasing their speed, improving turn overs and overall technique. I performed thirty seconds of high knees before sprinting out to three different  cones. This also helps with lower body conditioning. I really thought I was going to fly out of the sandpit on this one. lol.


After my explosive workout at Xplode, I sat down with Troy to find out more about what Xplode has to offer (and to catch my breath.) He explained that Xplode offers a second to none service providing a place where you can receive private one on one training, join a boot camp and even enter in one of their facility challenges ( that offers cash prizes.) Currently they are having a body fat loss competition, where they have you get dunked in a tank to get the most accurate body fat percentage reading.

Although you train like an athlete, you don’t have to be one to train at Xplode.  To find out more information about Xplode or set up a training session head over to .


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