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November 10, 2014

Fit With Fallon x Artistic Glow

image-5Do you ever wonder what’s too much or too little make up to wear to the gym? Do you want to know the best cleansing techniques to get your make up residue and sweat off? I turned to my good friends Milah and Khadija Linton who are Creators & CEO’s of Artistic Glow for the answers. They have pampered the faces of many celebrities, and know a thing or two about working out. Check out my interview below with these twin beauty mavens to find out exactly what Artistic Glow is all about.

FWF: Explain what “Artistic Glow” is and what it stands for? Is it a make up company? what does it entail?

Artistic Glow is my Identical Twin Sister’s and I’s (Milah & Khadija) Makeup Business and Brand. Artistic Glow goes beyond beauty, it’s defines an Inner Glow that starts from within and exudes outward. We do makeup for women, men, and celebs (photo shoots, red carpet & more) but what sets us apart is that we Produce and Host special beauty events, and or have our Artistic Glow beauty bar (makeup or nails) present at Red Carpet Events. We have partnered with companies like Universal Pictures, Black Opal Beauty, Carol’s Daughter, Target and more creating a one of a kind Beauty Experience. For example, with Universal Pictures we produced & hosted their beauty/grooming events before the release of their Blockbuster Films “Ride Along” and “The Best Man Holiday” creating the ultimate experience.
FWF. Why did you both choose to get into the makeup world?

Artistic Glow: It really choose us. We’re Actresses so that’s where it really started. With being on Set co-starring on various TV Shows, Films and Commercials we get to sit in the makeup chair and we always thought it’s cool how they transition from a natural look to a more glam look. We learned straight from the pros, and Khadija also has experience working with Elite Brands like Christian Dior, and Bobby Brown. It peaked our interest in the makeup world leading us to create our own Makeup Business. With all of our experiences it was a great way for us to become entrepreneurs with another creative art form we’re also passionate about. We look forward to continually building the Artistic Glow Brand and having our own makeup line in the future.

FWF: What advise would you give to girls, who want to go to the gym with make up on but don’t want to look like they caked it on?

Artistic Glow: Keep it light and go with tinted moisturizer as a base complimented with a light stroke of blush and a little waterproof mascara. We personally go natural but this is a great way to brighten the face without looking like a clown. Too much makeup at the gym is not attractive. Keep it natural ladies.

FWF: What is a good cleansing technique to get make up and sweat off your face without it being too harsh?
Artistic Glow: You can start with makeup wipes to easily take off makeup and sweat. Then cleanse with a light facial cleanser 

like Neutrogena and after definitely tone and moisturize.

FWF:  Can you name some celebs you have done make up for, and any beauty tricks you use on them?

Artistic Glow: We have done makeup for LisaRaye, Lil Mama, Melanie Fiona & more. The beauty trick sometimes really depends on the client. For example, LisaRaye is a Natural Beauty and doesn’t like or need heavy contouring but likes defined brows. So we enhanced her natural beauty and focused on giving her Amaze Brows.
FWF:  What should every women keep in her purse or gym bag?

Artistic Glow: Lip gloss, mascara, beauty blotters and hand sanitizer. You can add or subtract makeup on the go.

FWF: What are some make up no-no’s? 

Artistic Glow: Wearing Red Lipstick to the gym. A big no no, makes women look eager. A loud lip and loud eyeshadow that clashes. Keep it balanced. 
FWF: What types of workouts do you ladies like to do? And, do you feel the pressure to look good at the gym?
Artistic Glow: We like to do Nike Training, Spinning, Zumba (the real deal one) & Weight Training Classes. Free Weights, and Yoga sometimes to relax yet strengthen. And last but definitely not least Calisthenics combined with interval training. All of our workouts are very hard but very good! And Of course eating right, we put a lot of Organic Foods & Dark Green in our system. No Pressure, we go natural to the gym, but it helps when your confidence starts from within and your truly comfortable in your own skin:)

To find out more information about Khadija & Milah  and keep up to date with there next beauty bar and events head over to and follow them on instagram and twitter: @missmilah7 @khadijalinton.


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