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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jen Widerstrom Celebrate “Muscle & Fitness” Covers

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Athletes and celebrities gathered at the bodybuilding mecca last night to celebrate Arnold & Jen’s latest Muscle & Fitness Covers. The two could be spotted laughing and talking posing in front of their covers, while people were working out in the gym & others were drinking low calorie booze in the back dancing to music being played by the fit dj!

Arnold is a veteran in the game, explaining to crowd goers, how 46 years ago when he first landed in America from Austria, when he stepped foot of the plane, he didn’t go to a hotel, he went straight to Gold’s Gym in Venice. Now having conquered the fitness world, TV world and even the political world, he was excited to pass the torch to miss Jen Widerstrom.


Jen, former American gladiator and now the new hott trainer on The Biggest Loser, seemed full of excitement to share the cover with Arnold. She too took the mic to explain to the crowd how in third grade she took Arnold’s picture to school for show and tell and wanted to be like him. Now, many years later she said it is all coming full circle, and how grateful she is.

I spotted a couple familar Biggest Loser faces in the crowd supporting Jen, white team contestant who was just recently sent home last week, Matt was there and let me say he looked amazing! He said he is currently down 120lbs and said he is still very close to Jen. The comeback canyon king himself trainer Bob Harper was there as well.


The night proceeded with with healthy hordeuvirs, and tons of dancing and people flexing their muscles, but it was fitting, this was a Muscle and Fitness magazine release party. When the night ended, Arnold promised the crowd in his infamous Austrian accent “I’ll be back”.

Check out some of my pics from the night below;



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