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Special K Wants You To Know You’re #MoreThanANumber

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We some how have gotten to the place where we let our pant size determine our worth. When you realize you’ve packed on some pounds, and can’t fit into your skinny jeans and you are forced into a bigger pant size than you are use too, your self confidence can quickly go down the drain.

Special K cereal has a new campaign called #MoreThanANumber.

“It’s not about the number on the tag, it’s about how the jeans make you feel: confident, sassy, even fierce. We believe a positive attitude towards managing your weight means so much more than the number. So we built a pop-up jeans store to let women rethink how they feel about themselves…and in their jeans.”

Their latest commercial showcases a unique denim experience called “Rethink your jeans” where real women went into a store to try on some jeans. But they realize none of the jeans have sizes on them. When asked if they want to get measured to find out their sizes, the women were in for a true surprise. Sizes ranged from radiant, stunning, strong, charismatic, fabulous, confident. One of the women explained not seeing the number was freeing, another explained how she couldn’t believe she got a compliment form jeans!

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“As the Special K brand demonstrates with their ad campaign this fall, it’s not the number on the tag of the jeans that matters, but being more confident and secure in your denim,” said Verdi. “Women walk a little taller and strut a little more when they feel good about how they look in a great pair of jeans. When women support and cheer each other on, true beauty surrounds us.”


Still, with jeans season quickly approaching, many women struggle to fit into their favorite jeans from last season. For them, the Special K Challenge™ can help to kick start their weight-management goals by serving as a simple, great-tasting way to drop a jean size and lose up to six pounds in two weeks. Women simply replace two meals with a serving of Special K cereal or meal replacement shake/protein meal bar, followed by a sensible, balanced third meal for a period of two weeks.

Whether a woman is comfortable with her current weight or wants to drop a few pounds this year as part of the Special K Challenge, Verdi offers a number of tips that will help every woman feel confident and cute in her favorite jeans. Among those tips:

  • Flaunt What You’ve Got: Focus on that body part that you love – whether it is your killer smile or your fabulous hair – don’t be afraid to show off your best assets.
  • Visualize Success: Use the visual cue of yourself on the runway of a national fashion show while you are walking around your home, office, or community. Carry yourself with the same confidence as the famous models.
  • Day and Night: Take your daytime denim from casual chic to evening elegant by pairing darker wash jeans with a sequin top, chandelier earrings and a pair of sassy stilettos.
  • Color is the Cure for the Post-Summer Blues: Add some color to your jean routine by testing out a pair of red jeans.
  • Drop a Jean Size: Feeling a bit sluggish after one too many summer barbecues? The Special K Challenge can be a great way to drop a jean size in two weeks.
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