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[Video] Biggest Loser Recap: Ep. 7 “The Drop”

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Episode 7, of this seasons The Biggest Loser has been my favorite by far! The challenge this episode had the trainers on the line literally, Dolvett, Jen and Jessie all had to sit on a plank while their team tried to hold up their combined weight to keep the trainers afloat. Whichever team couldn’t hold on and let go of their ropes, their trainer would have to take a long drop into a pool of water.

The catch; the first team to let their trainer go, will have to workout without their trainer for an entire week. The second team to drop their trainer will only have them for a last chance workout. And the winner will have the advantage of having their trainer to work them out for the week while the other teams struggle to pretty much do it on their own.

At this point in the game,  the white team has been undefeated, but even Jen looks a little scared about this challenge.  The first trainer to hit the water was the veteran of the crew himself Dolvett (red). Second, was Jen. The blue team finally won their first challenge, but Jessie still felt what it was like to hit the water after Ally anounced Blue team was the winner, but also told the blue team to let the rope go.

Gina & Matt faced off at comeback canyon with Bob. Matt was worried about his numbers being that he previously had a huge weight loss the week before of losing 16lbs, he knew this week his numbers wouldn’t be as big. After Gina stepped on the scale and only lost 3lbs, it still wasn’t enough for Matt, he only lossed 2 lbs.

We also see Olympian softball player Lori head to the field with Jesse as she gets her strength back, and strikes out her trainer with some incredibly fast pitches. She also explained to Jessie how she never really healed from her 7 miscarriages.

On my afterbuzz recap, my cohost Ajay and I talk about this episode in detail, why we are not satisfied with Jessie as a trainer, especially after h won the challenge, but lost the weigh in, how weight can effect pregnancy and may have been an attributing factor to Lori’s miscarriages, and how she had a phone call with Mike (who got voted off last week) and he explained the insane workout schedule Dolvett put his team thru!

Check out the full episode below!

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