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October 10, 2014

[Video] The Biggest Loser Recap: Episodes 4 “The Lottery” & 5 “Sidelined”

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The challenges are getting tougher by the episode! This week on Biggest Loser season 16 episode 5, the contestants on the show are sidelined!

The redline is back as well, and whoever falls under the redline during the weigh in is immediately eliminated (so theres no voting elimination process, you don’t make the cut your going home!)

Now the sideline is all about the challnege, and whoever wins the challenge gets to choose one member from one team to sideline during the weigh in. This means that the person who is chosen to be sidelined will not be able to weigh in for the week which could be good or bad for their team depending on the player.

With a challenge that is literally making contestants pull their weight across a 600 foot long zipline that is 10 stories high, and an injury that could cost the blue team their fate, this is one episode you def want to talk about!

Check out my Afterbuzz TV Aftershow recap of this weeks Biggest Loser episode below to hear the complete breakdown;




Last  weeks episode “The Lottery” is really a gamble! One lucky (or not so lucky) person got to go home to be with his/her familyfor a week and was able to bring their trainer with them. The kicker is that whoever got picked thru a Powerball ball type of drawing, had to represent their entire team at the next weeks weigh in! Talk about pressure. This also leaves their entire team without a trainer for a week.

But Superbowl champion Damien, is use to pressure, and in my opinion was the perfect candidate to be picked for the challenge. As Damien headed home to New York, with Jessie his trainer, we got to see a softer side to him. Enjoying his 4 kids and even opening up about his mom passing away. He said he still has a lot of guilt since she died, because he feels he didnt tell her enough that he loved her.

Damien killed it at the weigh in for his team saying going home was; “It was a straight business trip for me”.

Check out the rest of the last weeks recap show below;

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