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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jen Widerstrom Celebrate “Muscle & Fitness” Covers

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Athletes and celebrities gathered at the bodybuilding mecca last night to celebrate Arnold & Jen’s latest Muscle & Fitness Covers. The two could be spotted laughing and talking posing in front of their covers, while people were working out in the gym & others were drinking low calorie booze in the back dancing to music being played by the fit dj!

Arnold is a veteran in the game, explaining to crowd goers, how 46 years ago when he first landed in America from Austria, when he stepped foot of the plane, he didn’t go to a hotel, he went straight to Gold’s Gym in Venice. Now having conquered the fitness world, TV world and even the political world, he was excited to pass the torch to miss Jen Widerstrom.


Jen, former American gladiator and now the new hott trainer on The Biggest Loser, seemed full of excitement to share the cover with Arnold. She too took the mic to explain to the crowd how in third grade she took Arnold’s picture to school for show and tell and wanted to be like him. Now, many years later she said it is all coming full circle, and how grateful she is.

I spotted a couple familar Biggest Loser faces in the crowd supporting Jen, white team contestant who was just recently sent home last week, Matt was there and let me say he looked amazing! He said he is currently down 120lbs and said he is still very close to Jen. The comeback canyon king himself trainer Bob Harper was there as well.


The night proceeded with with healthy hordeuvirs, and tons of dancing and people flexing their muscles, but it was fitting, this was a Muscle and Fitness magazine release party. When the night ended, Arnold promised the crowd in his infamous Austrian accent “I’ll be back”.

Check out some of my pics from the night below;



[Recipe] Healthy Halloween Treats



Halloween can be a lot of fun, until you realized you ate your entire bag of candy that you were suppose to give to the trick or treaters! lol. Even the fun size candies can really add. Last night I went to a little Halloween get together and I wanted to make sure we had some cute festive yet healthy treat options that would make us feel less guilty & have more room for some spooky fun. I made 3 different types of halloween snacks; Monster apple teath, boonanas and tangerine pumpkins. To my surprise they went quicker then the chips, dip and chocolate. People loved how cute and tasty they were. If you want to fit in less calories & more fun this halloween try making one of my Halloween healthy treats below.




Monster Apple Teeth;

  • Green Apples
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Peanut butter (or Almond Butter)

Directions; Slice up the green apples, take 2 slices, put peanut butter on the insides of each apple slice, place 4 to 5 yogurt covered raisins vertically on to the peanut buttered apple. Sandwich the apple slices together and wahlah! You have monster teeth that are fun to look at and filling too.




  • bananas
  • coconut flakes
  • organic honey
  • Craisins


Directions: Take a banans, slice it in half. Take the bananas and spread organic honey on it, spread coconut flakes on both Read more

Special K Wants You To Know You’re #MoreThanANumber

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We some how have gotten to the place where we let our pant size determine our worth. When you realize you’ve packed on some pounds, and can’t fit into your skinny jeans and you are forced into a bigger pant size than you are use too, your self confidence can quickly go down the drain.

Special K cereal has a new campaign called #MoreThanANumber.

“It’s not about the number on the tag, it’s about how the jeans make you feel: confident, sassy, even fierce. We believe a positive attitude towards managing your weight means so much more than the number. So we built a pop-up jeans store to let women rethink how they feel about themselves…and in their jeans.”

Their latest commercial showcases a unique denim experience called “Rethink your jeans” where real women went into a store to try on some jeans. But they realize none of the jeans have sizes on them. When asked if they want to get measured to find out their sizes, the women were in for a true surprise. Sizes ranged from radiant, stunning, strong, charismatic, fabulous, confident. One of the women explained not seeing the number was freeing, another explained how she couldn’t believe she got a compliment form jeans!

Screen shot 2014-10-26 at 9.40.52 PM

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Fitness Friendly Airports


Staying fit while traveling especially at the airport can be a challenge!

Sitting in one place waiting for your layover, stressed out while tons of unhealthy  fast food options stare you in the face. Well there are a couple major airports in the U.S. that are promoting a healthier visit while you make your way thru. Incorporating private yoga studios, walking paths, mile markers and healthy restaurants. Now there’s no excuse to be packing on the pounds while traveling.

Check out these 4 U.S airports that have become fitness friendly;


Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

  • Offers: Yoga studio, walking path
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Cost: Free
  • Good to know: The 24-hour yoga studio provides mats and has instructional videos on display. The walking path goes from gate D6 to D40. There are also two 55-foot-high staircases in terminal D—perfect for the ambitious stair-stepper.


San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

  • Offers: Yoga studios
  • Location: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3
  • Cost: Free
  • Good to know: Yoga mats and props are available and the studios are open 24 hours a day. The rooms are dimly lit and are noise- and cell phone-free zones.

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Fit With Fallon: My Diet Plan


I posted not too long ago on instagram my before and after photos. I lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks. I had some people asking me what my diet was like, during that process of me losing weight, so here it is.

Now, I didn’t stick to a specific meal plan to a tee. My main focus when it came to food was have a food journal so I could count calories, eat less than 1000 calories a day, and try to stay away from eating a lot of carbs, focusing more on high protein.

There are great apps out there that can help take the guessing work out of counting calories, like If you tend to eat the same foods, you will get use to how many calories it is, and won’t have to look them up as much, because you will see what it is by writing it in your food journal. I highly recommend a food journal so you can see your progress and really make yourself accountable.

I always did fasted cardio in the AM. Thats when you workout and do your cardio on an empty stomach. I personally feel like, its better to workout on an empty stomach, because you have less food in your stomach to burn, and more fat to bur. After a workout I had a protein shake. I loved making pina colda shakes because of my sweet tooth, it was a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth and hunger pangs. See the rest of my diet plan below;

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[Video] Biggest Loser Recap: Ep. 7 “The Drop”

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Episode 7, of this seasons The Biggest Loser has been my favorite by far! The challenge this episode had the trainers on the line literally, Dolvett, Jen and Jessie all had to sit on a plank while their team tried to hold up their combined weight to keep the trainers afloat. Whichever team couldn’t hold on and let go of their ropes, their trainer would have to take a long drop into a pool of water.

The catch; the first team to let their trainer go, will have to workout without their trainer for an entire week. The second team to drop their trainer will only have them for a last chance workout. And the winner will have the advantage of having their trainer to work them out for the week while the other teams struggle to pretty much do it on their own.

At this point in the game,  the white team has been undefeated, but even Jen looks a little scared about this challenge.  The first trainer to hit the water was the veteran of the crew himself Dolvett (red). Second, was Jen. The blue team finally won their first challenge, but Jessie still felt what it was like to hit the water after Ally anounced Blue team was the winner, but also told the blue team to let the rope go.

Gina & Matt faced off at comeback canyon with Bob. Matt was worried about his numbers being that he previously had a huge weight loss the week before of losing 16lbs, he knew this week his numbers wouldn’t be as big. After Gina stepped on the scale and only lost 3lbs, it still wasn’t enough for Matt, he only lossed 2 lbs.

We also see Olympian softball player Lori head to the field with Jesse as she gets her strength back, and strikes out her trainer with some incredibly fast pitches. She also explained to Jessie how she never really healed from her 7 miscarriages.

On my afterbuzz recap, my cohost Ajay and I talk about this episode in detail, why we are not satisfied with Jessie as a trainer, especially after h won the challenge, but lost the weigh in, how weight can effect pregnancy and may have been an attributing factor to Lori’s miscarriages, and how she had a phone call with Mike (who got voted off last week) and he explained the insane workout schedule Dolvett put his team thru!

Check out the full episode below!

Kendra Wilkinson Credits Atkins Diet With Helping Her Lose 40lbs


Recently having her second child, and dealing with the issues of her split with husband and x-football player Hank Baskett, Kendra turns to the gym for strength!

It hasn’t been the most easiest time in Kendra Wilkinson life, being a newly single mom of two. The media went crazy when the news hit that her and her husband have split. But from the looks of it Kendra seems to be holding up pretty well! She is excited telling OK! magazine “I’ve got my body back!”. She recently showed off her post-baby body in a OK! magazine issue explaining exactly how she lost the 40 pounds!

She credits daily workouts and an Atkins diet for helping go from 175lbs to 135lbs in less than 3 months after having baby Alijah Mary.

OK: How was losing the wieght after your second baby different?

Kendra: It was tough little Hank, because i just assumed I was going to bounce back to being skinny again. And then I realized I don’t have the body type for that. So when I was pregnant with Alijah, I researched a ton of diets – I’ve never been on a real diet before!- and found that Atkins would be the best for me and my lifestyle.

OK: Is it hard to stick with your diet?

Kendra: I actually couldnt be happier with Atkins, because you can still eat your favorite foods; it just limits your carbs and sugar. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate into your routine. When I have a burger night with Little Hank, I can just skip the bun.

OK: Any other weight-loss tips you can share?

Kendra: Keep moving. If you’re a football fan, Sundays are a great excuse to say “I’m gonna sit on the couch and drink beer all day” Don’t do it! You can do some lunges and crunches with the game on too.



Check out Kendra’s Daily Meal Plan to see exactly what she ate to shed the weight! Read more

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