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[Video] ‘Fit With Fallon’ Goes Hydrobiking
August 31, 2014

[Video] ‘Fit With Fallon’ Goes Hydrobiking

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There’s nothing worse then getting bored with your same old gym routine. It can sometimes feel like the gyms walls are closing in on you while your literally going no where running on that treadmill. This is exactly how I had been feeling, so I decided to switch it up and head outdoors to have some fun while getting in a good sweat.

I made my way over to Alamitos Bay in Long Beach for a little active get away. It was the perfect place for me because I love being by the water. Alamitos Bay provides beautiful scenery and different options to enjoy; you can rent boats, paddle boards and even hydrobikes.

What’s a hydrobike you ask? Thats exactly what I wanted to know. So I met up with Steven of Long Beach Hydrobikes for an explanation.

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He explained to me that a hydrobike is a plantoon bicycle. It is similar to a regular bicycle, except it floats on the water. You can burn up to 600 calories in just an hour, and as I found out the hard way, if you are peddling against the current (which is much more difficult) you are going to burn even more calories.

The hydrobikes root takes you thru the Naples canals, which was designed after the houses and bridges in Italy. This trip definitely made me feel like I was somewhere exotic & foreign. They provide you with a handy map so you know how to get around. Life jackets are optional, but the surprisingly the bikes were very sturdy and I didn’t fall in the water. As far as sharks go, I was assured there was nothing to worry about, that tgreat whites were not in the bay, however that I might see a see lion or a dolphin.

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If you want to enjoy the water, and a great workout I suggest going on a nice hydrobike ride. For more info on how to rent one, head over to my friends at Tell them Fit With Fallon sent ya 😉

Check out my Hydrobiking experience below;

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