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Katie Couric Shows How To Get Great Arms On Her Talk Show


Summer’s not over yet! Looking to get great arms to wear with that tang top or tube top? Well look no further!

Katie Couric featured celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson on her show, and Anderson demonstrated some workouts to rid that dreaded arm flab.

Anderson explains the advantages of working out your arms, saying:

“You will see improvements to your arms faster than you will on other, more stubborn problems of your body.” Nice!

The first arm workout Anderson showed, she used a 3lb weight. Anderson says that it’s best to utilize lighter weights, and using the weights she likes to swing her arms in various degrees and angles.

Anderson also says to incorporate arm exercises to your fitness regimen. By doing so, it can increase the number of calories you burn overall.

So the next time you want to get some quick toned arms, pick up a dumb bell. Don’t have dumb bells? A great alternative is water bottles filled with water. Who would have thought?

Now you can have those toned guns in no time!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Google

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