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Former “Parks and Rec” Star Heckled For Posting Buff Selfie Pic

chris pratt

Former “Park’s and Rec” star Chris Pratt has nothing to worry about, or does he?

He recently took to the Internet by posting a selfie of himself posing his new hot bod and showing duck lips, but didn’t get the exact supportive response that he expected. Instead, his friends made fun of him. Hmmm not so nice, guys!

Pratt dropped his chubby frame and started working out for his new role in the upcoming Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Yahoo! Interviewed Pratt and his co-star Zoe Saldana at the Comic-Con event in San Diego this weekend, and Zaldana showed support by expressing the positive aspect of his weight loss journey:

“I feel like it would be nothing but inspiring, and encouraging, and empowering for people that are struggling with their weight.”

When Pratt was offered the role he knew that he had to make some dramatic changes, he told Yahoo!:

“I got the role like six months ago, and they were like great job, but you’re too fat. And I was like, ‘alright, I can work on that!”

Believe it or not, Pratt also gave up drinking beer for six months to get that great bod for the role.

Good job giving up the beer gut, Pratt. You look hot!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo!

Julianne Hough’s Struggle To Keep Fit After Dancing With The Stars


You would think that if you we’re Julianne Hough you would not have to worry about your weight, especially with all the dancing she has done. But in reality, after she completed her last season of Dancing With The Stars, Julianne has had a hard time keeping off the weight. Julianne admitted to Women’s Health Magazine that she could eat anything growing up, but that soon changed:

“The minute I hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and I gained weight.”

She also went on to say that even though the weight she gained did not affect her personally that much, the media changed that. And just like every person in the spotlight, Julianne has dealt with media negativity.

“I started reading comments in blogs. That freaks you out and you get caught up in it. But if I deprive myself, I end up binge eating. I didn’t want to do that. Now if I want something, I’ll have it and I won’t feel guilty. Then the next day I won’t crave it.”

Just because Julianne like to keep her figure in shape, does not mean she’s obsessed with working out or even likes the gym. Being a dance star does make you a gym rat. Julianne revealed,

“I hate being in the gym, but I love taking Tracy Anderson classes because they’re fun and dance-y.”

If you also hate going to the gym and want to find a fun way to workout, check out Tracy Anderson’s classes and maybe you’ll spot Julianne in one!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Celebrity Food Trends

Picture 1

Nutritionist to the stars Cynthia Pasquella is known for giving a helping hand to our favorite A-listers when it comes to losing weight. Her nutritional guidance has helped many celebs slim down just in time to walk down a red carpet or fit into their skinny jeans for a new role.

Wendy Williams invited Cynthia on her show to explain some celebrity food trends that the average Joe can do at home to channel their inner star.

Get the Glow: if you want to have beautiful radiant glowing skin like a star turn to green juice. Nicole Richie is a big fan of juicing.

Boost of Energy: All celebrities have a crazy schedule. Jennifer Aniston is a fan of eating quinoa which helps boost her energy. It has great digest-able protein, its low in calories and its great to make a salad with it using tomatoes avocado, lemon juice, and a little bit of olive oil.

Million Dollar Smile: One things that al celebrities have in common, is a million dollar smile! to get big white teeth  at home use sunflower or sesame oil. It’s an ancient technique called “oil pooling”, where you take a table-spoon of the oil and swish it in your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. It pulls all the toxins and bacteria out and whitens teeth, boost gum health in just a few days (make sure to spit it out, not swallow). Chewing on leafy greens also helps with getting rid of bacteria and bad breath in the mouth because their high in calcium and chlorophyl.

Slim & Trim: Hollywood is ditching the processed whey protein to get slim and trim using hemp instead. Hemp has no THC in it  its the sister plant to marijuana. Charlize Theron is a big fan of hemp shakes. boost your energy for hours, curve your cravings and detoxify the body. Try mixing your Hemp protein with coconut milk,berries, and banana for tasty shake that is low in calories.

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Ryan Seacrest Throwback Shirtless Modeling Pic

ryan seacrest


Before American Idol, Ryan Seacrest used to be a model. Really?

A recent photo just surfaced the Internet of 19-year-old Seacrest and his nice abs and pecks back in his modeling days in 1994.

Perhaps he wants to show how well his transformation was from his when a former photo of him as a pudgy teen surfaced, or maybe because he wants to show how great his bod is now especially since newly dating model Dominique Piek.

Whatever the case may be, you look great Seacrest.

Looking to have great pecs and abs like Ryan? We suggest doing plenty of upper body workouts. Some great examples of workouts are the standard bench press, which can assist with not only working out your arms, but it can also work out your chest and abs. Another great work out are pushups, and also utilizing dumb bells. Tune into the vid below to see how to get great pecs!

And as American Idol says: “They all start somewhere,” and they sure do. Nice bod, Ryan, you have come a long way since the glasses and braces :)

 ryan-seacrest-beforeFitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo

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Sex Keeps Jason Sudeikis In Shape

jason sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis recently opened up to Elle Magazine about staying in shape; and when we say open up, we mean OPEN UP.  Jason revealed that his soon-to-be wife Olivia Wilde helps him stay in shape.  Yup, and it is exactly what you think.  Olivia helps him stay in shape THAT way.  He openly admitted,

“The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world.  And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout.”

Well, at least he’s honest.  Jason is not the only one in the relationship who talks openly about their sex life.  Olivia made the comment in 2012 in an event in New York that her and Jason have,

“sex like Kenyan marathon runners.”

According to a vigorous session of passion can actually burn up to 300 calories, even more if you can add some yoga poses and planks in there. Keeping the covers on can also help, causing you to sweat more, which will also burn more calories.

If Jason and Olivia’s marriage lasts, they may never be need a gym membership.

Check out the gallery of the hot couple below:

Photo Credit: FlynetPictures/Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Fallon’s Fit Tip: Hydrate With Coconut Water

Picture 11

You have spotted many celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna on the scene drinking coconut water, but it’s more than just a cool looking fad to have in your hand when spotted by the papz. There are many benefits to drinking the Caribbean drink from helping with losing weight naturally, to lowering your risk for cancer.

You may be surprised to know that 100% coconut water has more potassium then a banana, It’s low in fat with no sugar added. It also includes your 5 essential electrolytes. So if you ever find yourself feeling dehydrated, grab for some coconut water quick!

Because of the benefits of all the electrolytes, it can also be used as a great hangover remedy. It acts as an aid carrying oxygen to the bloods cells, which will leaving you feeling replenished and refreshed.

The lauric acid in the water helps actively fight viruses, detoxifies the body, helps balance the PH in your body, need I say more?

To benefit from one of Mother’s natures best, look for 100% coconut water that’s organic, not from concentrate, with no preservatives.

You can also add your coconut water in your shakes when juicing. This is definitely a great summertime refreshment!


Kate Middleton Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

1371653941_kate-middleton-prince-william-lgThe craze over the Royal Baby watch is over now that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William welcome a baby boy!

The future heir to England’s throne had arrived at 4:24m BST, and weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz. What a big baby!

Middleton had arrived at the hospital at 6am after going into labor, and was joined by Prince William who was along her side throughout the whole experience.

The Palace had also made some last minute changes when it came to the birth announcement. Traditionally, a royal baby’s arrival is posted on an easel, but instead a formal announcement was made.

An official statement read from St. James’s Palace said:

“As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter.”

We hope that Middleton has a speedy recovery and eats very healthy with constant exercise now that she has to keep up with the little one!

Congratulations to the first time mom and dad, Will and Kate, and God bless the new heir to the throne!

Via E! Online, Yahoo!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: E! Online

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