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Intense Training Risks Health For MMA Fighter Junior De Santos


For UFC Heavyweight Champion fighter Junior De Santos, intense workouts, training, and injuries comes with the job.

“You know, I think it’s worth it. This is my life. This is everything I have. People don’t know how hard we work and what we sacrifice to be successful. MMA athletes train so much you know.”

To prepare for fights with Cain Velasquez and Mark hunt, De Santos admitted that he over-trained, training twice a day for up to three hours.

Because of extreme exercising, De Santos suffered from rhabdomyolysis, which causes muscle fiber to break down and get into the blood stream.

Doctors also found that De Santos’ Creatine Kinase was too high, which was used to diagnose the rhabdomyolysis.

But that’s not the first time De Santos health was at risk. Prior to his fight against Frank Mir, he severely injured a muscle on his right side, but still participated in the fight.

De Santos has proved that he is a successful fighter, but needs to succeed at focusing on his health first!

via Y! Sports

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