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Matt Damon Packs On The Muscle For Elysium


At 42 years old, Matt Damon is in the best shape of his life!

Thanks to his new role in an upcoming movie Elysium, a sci-fi action movie, Matt spent four hours a day working out to prep for it. He says of his character Max;

“We wanted [my character] to look a certain way so I had to keep up a workout regimen. I had to just literally go to the gym for, like, four hours a day. Which was kind of fun in its own way at my age, to be given an excuse to do that, because it’s not something you’d ever really do otherwise!”

Throughout the movie, his character Max is seen wearing an exoskeleton type of armor on his chest that is suppose to give him extra strength. Matt admits walking around wearing the exoskeleton wasn’t easy, he really had to up his core strength in order to not get hurt;

“It’s kind of like wearing one of those old Bo Jackson weight vests,. It’s really insidious trying to carry extra weight even if you’re in shape. You just really need a pretty strong core or you can get injured pretty easily, particularly at my age.”

 Damon also admitted the role required a whole lot running. Luckily for him, he was use to it, from engaging in lots of cardio for his first role in the Bourne series.
Elysium hits theaters in August.

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