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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets High with AntiGravity Yoga


Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys getting high for her workouts.

High, as in practicing AntiGravity yoga high above the ground. The famously fit actress took to her blog to rave about this new yoga practice that is starting to create a buzz here in the states. Also known as “Aerial Yoga”, this technique fuses together yoga, acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, pilates and other disciplines.

Gwyneth describes her anti-gravity yoga experience in detail saying;

We spent an afternoon in Richard Holroyd’s intimate studio that houses four AntiGravity Hammocks – basically a hammock made of silk that you can lie, hang, stretch in and more. At first, we just got used to being in the swing – part of what makes it so special is the sense of suspension. Then Richard showed us several moves with the hammock. In comparison to other yoga classes, the moves felt constructive without feeling like a chore.

AntiGravity Yoga is great for those who have trouble exercising due to injuries. The suspension above the ground alleviates any straining on specific body parts especially the back.


Y077_bClick here to find an anti gravity yoga class near you.

“No Off Season” for Matt Kemp

Picture 3

Wondering how the young LA Dodger Matt Kemp was able to snag a $160 Million dollar contract extension during the off season last year?

We believe it’s the motto that he goes by called “There is no off season”. What this motto really means is that the baseball player trains even harder during his off season, and with abs like that we can tell he works hard!

Matt knows the importance of taking his fitness to the next level, so he teamed up with trainer Garrett Shinoskie, at Zone gym in his hometown of Scottsdale Arizona. Their the center fielder is able to get ahead of the game by putting a large focus on training his core.

 I do a lot of core stuff with the medicine ball. My strength and conditioning coach takes me through the workout — obliques, upper abs, lower abs, and some back exercises. My best advice is to make sure that you don’t try to do too much and overwork your abs. Make sure you’re doing it right or you can hurt something. And good posture is important, too.

He also knows how important it is for an athlete to stay  flexible and agile, so he sticks to workouts that use his own body weight.

A lot of push-ups and pull-ups with my trainer. Those are pretty important and make you pretty strong because you’re not using weights. You’re using your body weight and that’s the biggest thing for baseball players, especially. Playing baseball, you don’t want to have too much of a big upper body. You want to keep your flexibility.

If you want abs and an athletic bod like Matt Kemp incorporate workouts with a focus on core strength and using your own body weight.

Fallon Mercedes is a Celebrity Fitness Reporter.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer who has years of experience in Entertainment Reporting.

Putting her two passions together fitness and celebrity news, she created a unique concept, blog and show called “Fit With Fallon” that educates and inspires individuals to get fit in an entertaining and fun way.
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