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Hollywood Food Trend: Low Calorie Wine


Wine and dine like a celebrity, guilt free!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities are always seen out and about, wining and dining, but somehow, never seem to pack on the pounds?

One of their secrets may be Skinny Vine wine. Skinny Vine wine is a new california wine that claims to keep you skinny! How so, you ask? With less than 100 calories per glass, you can enjoy more than one glass, guilt free, without having to plan your next visit to the gym.

The low calorie wine is made with a special filtration process that removes some of the alcohol in the wine taking away a bunch of the unnecessary calories with it. And dont worry about the taste being taken away, Skinny Vine makers are so confident that you won’t be able to taste the difference between theirs and other wines on the market, that they are having a skinny vine wine taste challenge, challenging customers to see if they can taste the difference.

You can have your drink of choice with three different types of wine available to choose from moscato, chardonnay, and zin.

Skiny Vine wine claims their wine is “as sweet on the lips as it is on the hips”.

Skinny girl vodka watch out you got some competition!

See where you can purchase your bottle here

Best Body: Pink vs Kelly Rowland “Abs”


Kelly Rowland faces off with Pink in the best body “abs” contest women’s edition. Do you love a ripped “adonis belt” aka “v-cut” like Pink’s? Or do you find a less ripped, more sleek and toned stomach like Kelly Rowland’s more attractive?

Weigh in below using the poll to vote which singer you think has the best abs.

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Chilli’s Brazilian Booty Lift


Chilli from the popular 90’s R & B group TLC got up off the Wendy Williams couch on Friday during her interview to show Ms Williams how to get a Brazilian booty.

New spokes person for the Brazilian Booty Lift brand, Chilli shares on her website how to get your own nice butt.

Chilli gave Wendy a tap on the butt to emphasize the importance of squeezing those glutes while doing the exercise.

Chilli explains the routine is suppose to lift and tone the butt, tighten the hamstrings, and strengthen the quads.


Check out the clip below to see Chilli get down and dirty to demonstrate the move.

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Celebrities Who Made Workout DVD’s

Staying in shape for celebrities is like a job, and for some they turn it into one.

Thanks to Jane Fonda, the first actress to turn into a fitness guru, celebrities have learned how to monitize their hot bods. With over 15 million workout videos sold, Fonda proved their is a whole lot of money to be made in the fitness industry.

From singers, actors, rappers, play boy bunnies and reality stars, many have given a shot at the fitness dvd craze, check out the list below to see which stars went from Hollywood to Fitnessville;


Nelly – Not afraid to sweat, the physically fit rapper came out with his workout dvd in 2010 called “Celebrity Sweat”. In the video he takes you through an exclusive workout that showcases the best of his abs, chest and triceps routine.

Mel B – Scary Spice part of the biggest selling girl group of all time “The Spice Girls”, became a fitness diva in 2008 when she created “Totally Fit”. This 28 day plan workout teaches you workouts and even how to cook healthy meals.

Kim Kardashian – In 2009 Kim Kardashian put out a tape that is different from the one she was most known for. “Fit in your jeans by friday” is a 3 dvd workout series that helps you slim down to put on your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Pussy Cat Dolls – Known for their sexy sultry dance moves, Choreographer Robin Antin created the “Pussy Cat Dolls Workout”. Learn the moves to your favorite PCD songs like “Buttons” and “Dontcha”. In the dvd lead singer Nicole Scherzinger makes a special appearance participating in a dance/workout.

Carmen Electra – She had all the moves while getting her foot in the door dancing for Prince back in the day. Carmen Electra wanted to show you how to work up a sexy sweat with her workout dvd series called “aerobic striptease” back in 2003.

Kendra Wilkenson– Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson wanted to show you how to be a knock out with her “Be A Knockout With Kendra” dvd. Kendra shows you the moves that helped her get her playmate body back after having her son.

The Situation– Jersey Shore’s Guido “The Situation” showS you the proper way to Gym in his GTL daily routine. Taking you through a full body workout, he also shows you the secret to getting his famous abs.

Kelly Rowland – Teaming up with her hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Singer Kelly Rowland shows you how to get sexy abs. The two make a great team in making fitness fun and motivating you throughout the 42 minute dvd.

What’s your favorite celebrity workout dvd?

Jennie Garth’s Weight Loss Struggle


Breaking up with her ex boyfriend caused Jennie Garth to lose 30lbs last year. However the former 90210 actress admits she struggled with keeping the weight off.

Unsure if she would find love again, to Jennie’s surprise, she has found love with both fitness and a new boyfriend. Learn what keeps her committed to working out as she opens up with Fitness Magazine.

What’s your fitness routine like these days?

I’m really into hiking and jogging with my dog right now. I recently got a really big dog and he needs exercise all the time, so that is something that is new for me. I work out in a gym with a trainer two to three days a week on top of that.

How do you make time for exercise?

I have to physically schedule it. I put it on the calendar at least three days a week–it’s that simple. You have to make time for yourself, and that might mean moving some things around but it’s important. Usually I take my kids to school in workout clothes so that when I drop them off I make sure I don’t go somewhere else. If I’m dressed for the day, there’s no going back!

You got a lot of press for shedding weight last summer and you’ve definitely kept it off. How do you do it?

Protein snacks throughout the day are huge; I love turkey rolls with avocado in it. I usually start the day off with a green smoothie with greens, aloe vera juice, coconut oil—all that good stuff. I also try not to eat too late, that’s another big one. None of this stuff is new and we hear it all the time–I just started to incorporate them into my daily life.

Head over to to read more

Taye Diggs is Milking it!


Actor Taye Diggs is the new poster boy of  the “Got Milk” ad campaign. Starring alongside  his 3 year old son Walker Nathaniel. Kellogg’s and Got Milk teamed up for this campaign  to help share breakfast with milk with children in need as part of the third annual Share Breakfast program.

At the revealing in Hollywood on Tuesday, Taye said the making of the campaign with his son wasn’t as easy at it looks.

“We had to constantly make up games and excuses just to keep him occupied. So when it seems like he’s smiling, he’s actually roaring because he wanted to be a tiger.” but “Being able to shoot the Got Milk? ad with my son was one of the better times in life just because, obviously, the ad is going to last forever.”

For the fit celebrity like Taye or the average Joe, Milk does do a body good. Milk contains protein and whey that helps replenish the muscles after a workout, and it also contains minerals that help prevent muscles from cramping.

Snooki loses the baby weight


Has Snooki been eating her weight loss cookies?

Our favorite Jersey Shore reality star Snooki has shed the baby weight, 42 lbs to be exact, but it wasn’t by eating the diet cookies that she once promoted back in 2010. Clean eating and a consistent workout regimen has done her body good.

After having baby Lorenzo in August, it didn’t take Snooki long to get her body back, and from the looks of the US weekly cover that she appears on, she is looking even better than before, especially in a bikini.

Now weighing in at 102 lbs, Snooki’s weight loss is definitely noticeable on her petite 4 foot 9 frame. She explains to US Weekly why and who she lost the weight for;  “I lost it for me, but I also wanted Jionni (her boyfriend) to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

Pick up US Weekly on Friday to find out what life is like for the new mom and what diet tips and workout techniques she use to get in shape.

Fallon Mercedes is a Celebrity Fitness Reporter.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer who has years of experience in Entertainment Reporting.

Putting her two passions together fitness and celebrity news, she created a unique concept, blog and show called “Fit With Fallon” that educates and inspires individuals to get fit in an entertaining and fun way.
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