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Jennie Garth’s Weight Loss Struggle


Breaking up with her ex boyfriend caused Jennie Garth to lose 30lbs last year. However the former 90210 actress admits she struggled with keeping the weight off.

Unsure if she would find love again, to Jennie’s surprise, she has found love with both fitness and a new boyfriend. Learn what keeps her committed to working out as she opens up with Fitness Magazine.

What’s your fitness routine like these days?

I’m really into hiking and jogging with my dog right now. I recently got a really big dog and he needs exercise all the time, so that is something that is new for me. I work out in a gym with a trainer two to three days a week on top of that.

How do you make time for exercise?

I have to physically schedule it. I put it on the calendar at least three days a week–it’s that simple. You have to make time for yourself, and that might mean moving some things around but it’s important. Usually I take my kids to school in workout clothes so that when I drop them off I make sure I don’t go somewhere else. If I’m dressed for the day, there’s no going back!

You got a lot of press for shedding weight last summer and you’ve definitely kept it off. How do you do it?

Protein snacks throughout the day are huge; I love turkey rolls with avocado in it. I usually start the day off with a green smoothie with greens, aloe vera juice, coconut oil—all that good stuff. I also try not to eat too late, that’s another big one. None of this stuff is new and we hear it all the time–I just started to incorporate them into my daily life.

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