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Feel The Burn With Pilates

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I have always been a lover of bootcamps, high intensity type of training, really just anything that makes my heart race and causes me to break a sweat.  After doing some research on the many benefits of pilates including strengthening the core, improving flexibility, treating back pain, and seeing all of the pilates studio’s pop up recently, I decided I had to try it out for myself. I reserved a one on one training session at Club Pilates in Granada Hills.

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Pilates comes in different forms. There is mat pilates on the floor, which is what you mostly see in group fitness classes. Then there is pilates on a reformer machine, which can be seen above. Reformer machines contain multiple springs for different resistance. You can attach a jump board to bounce off of to get your heart rate up and higher the intensity. There is also the cadillac, which at first glance looks like a torture device. It was originally designed to enable bed ridden patients to exercise. The cadillac is known for isolating individual muscle groups.

Pilates as a whole was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates for rehabilitating returning soldiers from war, and also injured dancers.

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I told my instructor that I was a little skeptical if I would really get a good workout. Quickly, to my surprise, when she instructed me to use the jump board while incorporating light weights I felt the intensity and the burn and knew this was going to be a long 60 minutes. She then let me put down the weights and had me start with a proper warm up.

I started off with a modified down stretch on the reformer machine. Then worked the core as I lifted my  hips into an up stretch. This allowed me to get the blood flowing, loosen up my muscles and really understand the movement and the flow of working on a reformer machine.

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I then moved on to front splits really working on my core, leg strength, flexibility and stability. The toe sox really came in handy on this exercise to help my feet grip the bar and keep from Read more

February 21, 2016

US Weekly, In Touch Magazine, Telegram & Gazette Features

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I am excited to share that I have been featured in a couple of publications since the airing of my show “Fit To Fat To Fit” on A&E. It is kind of surreal and a little exciting/embarrassing to have my fit & fat photos on display for the world to see, but I worked my butt off going through this transformation so I just have to own it now that it’s on display right? Not only was the transformation itself physically challenging, but the rapid weight gain had such a toll on my my emotions and my health.

This month US weekly, In touch Magazine and People online featured and interviewed a few of us trainers from the show (including myself.) However the publication that really meant the most to me was being featured in my hometown newspaper  The Telegram & Gazette. I grew up in a city called Worcester (pronounced “wistah” ) Massachusetts. Everyday I remember reading that newspaper. Worcester is like a small town/city. Even though we heard the news around the world, if it made the T&G the whole city was talking about it.

I have now been living in LA for a little over four years and it has been challenging being so far (literally across the country) from family friends and the city that I love. So when I got the call that the city newspaper wanted to interview me, it made my feel very proud. I love LA but I am still a Worcester girl at heart. Once the article hit stands (and the internet) tons of high school friends and family members were tagging me on Facebook and excited that I landed a gig on national TV. There was one high school friend that said she was proud to see that I put “Worcester on the map”.

I feel like I have such a long way to go in my career and that this show is just the start of it all, but I feel so appreciative for my city to recognize me along with these other amazing publications.

Check out the different articles below;

US Weekly Magazine



In Touch Magazine



The Telegram & Gazette

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Read the full article from the T&G here

December 19, 2015

“Fit To Fat To Fit” TV Show


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Finally, I’m back! With some exciting news!

It feels like it has been forever since I have blogged but it’s not because I fell out of love with fitness or that I no longer felt passionate about reporting on food trends and updating you all with the latest workout craze. For the last year I have been filming a brand new television show in which I will be a personal trainer on. The show is called “Fit To Fat To Fit” and it  will air on January 19th on A&E.

But…it’s not your typical weightloss show. Not only did I train an overweight client on the show, but I too had to train myself. Prior to all of this,  10 of us trainers on the show had to put ourselves in our clients shoes. For months we were not allowed to workout, we had to eat the “typical American diet” a.k.a. fast food to gain weight, and then lose it all with our clients. It was insane! The show will document the entire process.

One thing I can say is that I have a whole new perspective on health and weight loss now that I personally went thru the experience of being overweight and losing it myself. The show is based on personal trainer Drew Manning’s book. He gained over 90lbs in six months and then lost it all.

Surprisingly the hardest part for me on the show was opening up and being vulnerable and letting the cameras see everything even my cellulite! Although I was pretty comfortable in my skin after my body fat percentage went thru the roof, It was much more emotional than I thought it would’ve been. I think I was use to doing all the training and telling people what to do, I wasn’t use to having to go thru the process myself.

But I can’t tell you everything,  you will have to wait to see! In the meantime stay tuned to my blog. I am excited to be back and blog again with a whole knew perspective on health, fitness, and life.

Check out the trailer below (and don’t make fun of my ugly cry!)

Fit With Fallon: Mila J Talks Fitness, Beauty Secrets & Her Love For Ratchet Workout Music

Mila J.Reebok 12.06.14-2767


Mila Madness Weekend was in full effect, and I got to sit down with Mila J for an exclusive Fit With Fallon interview at the Reebok Lounge in Hollywood to talk beauty secrets, food faves, ratchet workout music, and I even broke a sweat working out with her and her “Mains”.

With a line up of events, Jahmila aka Mila J, started off her weekend performing at Cali Christmas for thousands of people. Still with a lot of  energy to spare, she was ready for her second event in which she worked out her fam, friends, and fans in LA at the Reebok crossfit lounge. Celebrity friends who were spotted at the event included NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and singers Jake and Papa.

There was a juice truck on deck, with free Reebok gifting for attendees, and a dj blasting Mila J’s hit songs like “my main.” Mila was ready with her trainer by her side to kick it.

Before we got the work out in, she kept it real with me when it came to how she always stays crop top ready, her secret to looking young, her favorite celebrity body and more. Check out the full interview below;





FWF: Tell us about this Mila Madness weekend that has everyone going crazy?

Mila J: First let me say I’m from LA, born and raised here. So I just wanted to get out and  have everyone come out and mingle with the people…Have everyone come out, and just have fun, and do fun stuff.

FWF: How do you always stay Crop top ready and keep your abs?

Mila J: Ok here’s one trick honestly, if you always wear a crop top it makes you kind of stay in shape right because your always showing it your going to think twice before your about to pig out, you get what Im saying. That actually helps. like ok wait a minute. Even tho I love food… love junk food, everything, Soda is my big thing too. I shouldn’t drink as much as I do, but I do. I just think it’s because I dance so much and those rehearsals are long, just helps me keep it off so to speak, but yeah I workout with my trainer, I shoot for 3 to 4 times a week.

FWF: For every good turn up, you gotta turn down. How do you detox, or recover from a hangover?

Mila J: It’s weird I actually just discovered I like whisky. But yeah, you gotta recover with a whole bunch of water and try to get some sleep but that rarely happens unless it’s a plane ride.

Read more

November 18, 2014

FWF: Reduce Soreness With Routine Massages

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While studying the body to become a trainer, I realized very quickly that getting massages are very important and should not be looked at just for luxury. When you workout, especially if you strength train using weights, you are making little tears in your muscles, in which lactic acid will build up. Eating protein and stretching is key with helping break up that lactic acid, but getting routine massages is another great way to help and promote better health all around.

Feeling sore myself, I went to Hands of Furey to check out what kind of massages were offered.  There was a wide range of massages available, everything from Swedish, Thai, Deep tissue, sports, pregnancy  to hot stones and more. I went in for a mix of the sports massage  and thai massage, which is very beneficial for athletic individuals who workout a lot. The sports massage is  recommended to do prior to or immediately after a workout. It helps with reducing muscle tension, and monitoring muscle tone, promotes relaxation, increases range of motion, decreases stiffness and soreness after exercise. It also enhances athletic performance.


The number one cause of training injuries is due to lack of stretching. Getting a routine massage is great way to help prevent injuries especially for those of us (raises hand) who don’t properly stretch on a regular basis.

Seth Furey, Boston native and owner of Hands of Furey explained to me the importance of getting routine massages;

A massage here and there is nice, but won’t give you the same benefits as a regular  massage program.  Like exercise, your benefits are cumulative, meaning the more  regularly you receive a massage, the more you’ll reap their advantages.  For example, Massage affects the cardiovascular system.  It dilates blood vessels,  which helps them work more efficiently to promote circulation. It delivers fresh  oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and promotes the removal of waste products and  toxins. And course after leaving a massage your body is in a relaxed state, so your  heart rate lowers.  In addition, massage of course affects the muscular system. The increased and  enhanced blood circulation helps to relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and  make for a faster recovery. Once the muscles are relaxed, you can experience an  increase in range of motion and flexibility


He also explained in between visits people should incorporate doing yoga, stretching using a foam roller, and taking hot baths with epson salt. All of these things will help with increasing flexibility and decreasing soreness before your next massage session.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 1.40.51 PM


Hand of Furey is unique when compared to many other places because you get the  full experience! Seth definitely focuses on the physical benefits of your session making sure he prevents and/or alleviates any pain. I went in with very tight hamstrings, and pain in my trapz. He explained to me that a lot people hold their stress in certain places and it seemed like it could be a combination of stress, and looking down a lot at my cell phone or computer that caused my trapz to tighten up.

He was consistent with checking in on me during the massage to make sure it was not too much pressure, and that I was enjoying    it. I really enjoyed him asking me what I was comfortable with and was not comfortable with during the massage. This made me especially feel comfortable and respected during the session to know I was in the hands of a pressesional (literally.)

My favorite part was the hot stones at the end. Some places will just lay the stones on your back and let them rest there, but Seth coupled the stones in his hands and actually used them to massage those tight areas in my back. The combination of the heat from the rocks plus his rhythmic massaging techniques was o-so-relaxing and such a great reward after going so hard in the gym that week.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, make sure to head over to to book a massage. Tell Seth Fit With Fallon sent you and you will get an additional 10% percent off, and if it’s your first time you already have 10% so you will get 20% your entire session!

IMG_0326 (1)





[Video] Fit With Fallon: Train Like An Athlete @ Xplode

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 3.50.27 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 3.55.15 PM

For this episode of Fit with Fallon, I wanted to step up my fitness game and look, feel and train like an athlete. I knew the perfect place to do so, and that was Xplode training center in Chatsworth where real athletes train.

I met up with Troy Lewis, a trainer at Xplode who trains athletes both on the pro and amateur levels. He worked with me on agility, speed, strength, plyometrics and core training. We used equipment that is not neceissarily found in your typical gym, like the vertimax machine, battle ropes, plyo-mats, and a sandpit with a bungee cord.

Below I broke down my complete workout and described the benefits of each exercise for both the athlete and regular person. I can honestly say this was such an intense workout. I was able to push my body to limits I have never pushed myself before. The facility does have your normal machines and equipment as well like treadmills, barbells, and smith machines, but it was definitely nice to switch up and use equipment I wasn’t very familiar with.


Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 8.54.08 PM

Dynamic Warm Up: I began with a dynamic warm up which you warm up the body with a series of exercises and stretches to help with range of motion and fire up the muscles to help increase your performance. You never want to stretch while your muscles are not warmed up, this could cause injury. My dynamic warm up consisted of a combination of light jogging, side shuffles, leg kickback stretches, planks and push ups.

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 4.05.47 PM

Vertimax Machine: Next I used a platform device that provides low impact plyometric jump training called the vertimax machine, it helps with leg strength and explosiveness. Troy had me do a combination of squat jumps with both the resistance cables hooked on to me, and without. I also did sets of single leg split jumps with a set of the bands on and then another set off.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 8.14.34 PM

Box Jumps:  I worked on my vertical jump doing box jumps. I did 3 sets of 20 jumps on 3 different levels of mats. Jumping on a stack of mats is much safer than jumping on regular plyo-boxes that are not padded. I have seen a lot of shins split open due to accidents doing this exercise. It was nice not having to worry about getting injured while doing this exercise. Read more

November 10, 2014

Fit With Fallon x Artistic Glow

image-5Do you ever wonder what’s too much or too little make up to wear to the gym? Do you want to know the best cleansing techniques to get your make up residue and sweat off? I turned to my good friends Milah and Khadija Linton who are Creators & CEO’s of Artistic Glow for the answers. They have pampered the faces of many celebrities, and know a thing or two about working out. Check out my interview below with these twin beauty mavens to find out exactly what Artistic Glow is all about.

FWF: Explain what “Artistic Glow” is and what it stands for? Is it a make up company? what does it entail?

Artistic Glow is my Identical Twin Sister’s and I’s (Milah & Khadija) Makeup Business and Brand. Artistic Glow goes beyond beauty, it’s defines an Inner Glow that starts from within and exudes outward. We do makeup for women, men, and celebs (photo shoots, red carpet & more) but what sets us apart is that we Produce and Host special beauty events, and or have our Artistic Glow beauty bar (makeup or nails) present at Red Carpet Events. We have partnered with companies like Universal Pictures, Black Opal Beauty, Carol’s Daughter, Target and more creating a one of a kind Beauty Experience. For example, with Universal Pictures we produced & hosted their beauty/grooming events before the release of their Blockbuster Films “Ride Along” and “The Best Man Holiday” creating the ultimate experience.
FWF. Why did you both choose to get into the makeup world?

Artistic Glow: It really choose us. We’re Actresses so that’s where it really started. With being on Set co-starring on various TV Shows, Films and Commercials we get to sit in the makeup chair and we always thought it’s cool how they transition from a natural look to a more glam look. We learned straight from the pros, and Khadija also has experience working with Elite Brands like Christian Dior, and Bobby Brown. It peaked our interest in the makeup world leading us to create our own Makeup Business. With all of our experiences it was a great way for us to become entrepreneurs with another creative art form we’re also passionate about. We look forward to continually building the Artistic Glow Brand and having our own makeup line in the future.

FWF: What advise would you give to girls, who want to go to the gym with make up on but don’t want to look like they caked it on?

Artistic Glow: Keep it light and go with tinted moisturizer as a base complimented with a light stroke of blush and a little waterproof mascara. We personally go natural but this is a great way to brighten the face without looking like a clown. Too much makeup at the gym is not attractive. Keep it natural ladies.

FWF: What is a good cleansing technique to get make up and sweat off your face without it being too harsh?
Artistic Glow: You can start with makeup wipes to easily take off makeup and sweat. Then cleanse with a light facial cleanser 

Read more

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